Monday, 11 March 2013

BIG Woozen!

Hey Woozen,
This is Karalala -Aka Kara-BACKUP- ~
This is my 11 post! c:
So you guys have heard about Big Woozen? ~
Wow one woozen has to pick someone to get kicked out for the house :O
I can't believe the woozband agreed with it! c:
Who do you think will win!? Zack? Zenna? Mya? Jenny? Max? Jay? ~
Wow this is getting so intense! ~
Anyway so there was a new hair that came out for beex!
First of all it looks good
Second i think woozworld really did run out of ideas
Like really? add a different type of hat to the z-princess hair?
But it looks good!
Here a photo! i edited this one because it matched and i got really really bored :P
What do you think? :P i added some texture and yes you already seen the outfit i'm wearing i just wore the new hat lol :P
Do i look nice? c:
Well message me Kara-BACKUP ~
and tell me who you think should stay in the big woozen house -btw this sounds like big brother- c:
LOL! c:
Ok Bai! ~
Karalala ~

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